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Like Stars on Earth
Sprung from the creator

Uniquely patterned
Different designs

Positioned by maker
Different locations

Beautifully made
Beautifies its place

Surrounded by darkness
Cannot be hidden still

Cared for by maker
Cannot be shaken

Nourished by Him
Cannot be withered

Brightened by Him
Cannot be dimmed

Guided by His Spirit
Cannot be lost

Borne out of love
Born for love

Drawn into love
Steered by love

Like Stars on Earth⛅
We light up the World!✨

Little acts of giving.
Little shows of smiles.
Little pieces of compliments.
Little deeds of assistance.

A little less of curses.
A little more kind words.
A little less of hate.
A little more compassion.

Happy Valentine’s!💖

Go light up your world, today and always, st⭐r.


2 responses to “⭐✨💖💖✨⭐”


    Nice Piece…..
    Happy Valentine Jaydee

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks dear😌
      Same to you.
      Shine on!💓


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