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Don’t Ignore

Most times, we see everything wrong with what we have said or done, yet we have all the reasons in the world to give for it. We blame the government, the church, our next neighbours, family, friends, etc for things we can decide to do better.

Sometimes, we are even being pointed to, maybe by people around, family or friends, yet we are right; we do not want to know. And even when we feel guilty, we easily shift the responsibilities and blame to the next available “thing”.

My dad once told me when I acted in this way one day, “listen to what someone has to say, even if it doesn’t concern you after all, there will always be something to learn and perhaps you might get better for it.”. I took that lesson. Even if I think I’m right, I want to want to know what it is you have to say and what I would’ve done better…..I try to do this consciously now.

When you’re being confronted to change an attitude, mindset or a habit either by the Holy Spirit, your conscience or by people, instead of your first instinct to be shifting blames, ask yourself “What could I have done better?” “What could’ve been a better option?”.

The Holy Spirit (The Spirit of God, The Spirit of truth) is ever ready to guide us when we call on Him to and lead us into all truth. You will never be lost here.

Get uncomfortable with remaining the same today!

A positive change depends on you.

Much l💜ve 😘.

Jesus loves youuu!!!



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