Once Upon A Time…

Once upon a time, there was girl who questioned everything about herself. She thought she was ugly, stubborn, not intelligent, had bald hair, walked like a boy, had a funny voice😂, had terrible posture, rabbit teeth, bad hand writing… you could go on and on. At least she had known these things from people around, classmates and friends who had taken it as a point of duty to keep pointing them out one after the other each time, not intentionally to make her feel any less (they did anyway), but somehow they thought it was fun.

Time passed, and the more she believed those things, the realer they became. She struggled to love herself (that was the most she could do for herself), it was difficult, so she lived her life trying to fit in and be accepted; always feeling inferior and extremely shy. She didn’t think she could ever do anything well (she had heard that also from most of the closest of people to her, so she had began to think it had to be true somehow), after all, she wasn’t also doing well in school, she couldn’t sing without making a mess😂, even though she liked to sing, and everyone had a bad remark for almost everything she did, so she lived everyday wishing she was one person or the other.

A day came that changed everything!😃. Out of frustration, she decided she wanted to be better. She just wanted to be able to get one thing right, at least. She wanted to do well in school. She was very determined so she stayed back in class after lessons that day (she was in her 2nd grade in high school). While others went for moral instruction as it was a routine for Friday afternoons, she stayed back, not minding the consequences that followed. She was just too broken to join the others that day. She began to write down who she wanted to be in very fine details. She wanted to be one of the best in her class, she wanted to become a doctor, she wanted to be able to impact lives, she had many amazing dreams!. She found out they were desires deep down her heart she had allowed to wane. As she wrote them down, she felt a strong move in her heart, she was both hopeful and afraid. It didn’t look like it was going to be anything near possible. She began to weep profusely and call on God. She asked Jesus to come into her life and help her. She immediately realized that much more than having these desires is the actualization of her dreams. She knew only Jesus could make it come true (she came from a very religious home and had heard of Jesus severally and all the things he is able to do). She gave her life to Christ! She asked Him to be her friend, she needed one urgently. He did☺️. He took over the moment and made her to begin to see herself through His eyes. She no longer saw failures and disabilities. She saw beauty and love. She began to think she had a chance. She lost all her “friends” as she no longer tried to fit into any clique, she began to do things differently and was no longer afraid of standing for what she thought was correct or disagreeing with other opinions even if it meant standing alone. This got her many hates of course, but she had one friend, Jesus, who meant everything to her. She would talk to Him about everything she did. He became her best friend, comforter, guide and teacher.

At the end of the term’s examination, she came 1st position in class. Yes! She topped every single person. When she was called out, she thought it was a mistake until her name was called three times. She knew she had worked a bit harder, she had also wished and prayed to come top in class, but it was just too good to be true, really unimaginable! That was a great stepping stone for her. All her classmates were in awe, they all wanted to know how it happened, of course it wasn’t just normal, but she was too shocked to even speak. That was her moment!. Gradually she began to see beauty in the things that were being despised about her. She had begun trying to work on the things about herself she didn’t like, she began to be more hopeful that she could be better at anything, she thought she was kinda cute too. The more she saw herself through the eyes of Jesus, the more she got to know herself and the more she fell in love with who she was.

People now began to admire her; how she loved her best friend and herself, her resilience and dedication to her studies. Of course they thought she was beautiful too (because truly, beauty is not just in the things we see. Beauty is a reflection of what is deep in the inside), she now began to look beautiful because she felt so first, and carried herself as such. Of course she also began to get compliments from people wherever she went to, but that didn’t matter so much anymore. The exact things that the same persons thought were not pleasant about her, they now began to like and much more. She wasn’t doing everything right yet, but she was doing one thing that mattered; loving herself. That way, she could be better at anything and the love could flow from her to everyone around and everything she did. Till she graduated high school, she topped the class. She was the best graduating student, owning 3 other awards.


She found out so many things she could do well (singing, as well😅) and have gotten better at some, she got into medical school; she’ll be a medical doctor soon😃 and is impacting lives in every little way she can. Jesus is still her best friend and has been so good and helpful all along. You can tell she’s achieving her dreams.😊

~Notice her dreams were emboldened initially and at the end~


This is the story of me😌🙈.

Like stars⭐ on earth, everyone is special!✨

Thanks for following and reading through. I hope you enjoyed it a bit and that you got a point or more.

You could leave comments below on criticisms or what you think.

Love you 😘.

~He’s been my help in ages past. He is my hope for years to come~

– Jay D💖

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