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How Can I Repay?

It was 5.00AM on the morning of good Friday and I had picked up my bible to have my quiet time for the day. I read about my master and his journey to the cross. I read about the wipes, the spit and the thorns. I read about the nasty comments and hate speeches. To think that this man had done nothing wrong at all. To think that he was willing to be killed by the ones He came to save. It became realer to me then, “Jesus died for me!”.

The part that finally let my tears down; he had friends, close enough to be called family. Well, they loved Him, or so they thought, maybe just not enough to stay by Him at this point. When it had seemed like He needed them the most, He was deserted by these ones. In fact, the very reason He was in this mess in the first place was a kiss from one of them who was trusted enough to have been given charge of the treasury of the group. And now all hope was lost, because even the bravest of them had finally denied ever having anything to do with Him or even knowing Him. They all left Him to His fate, running for their lives so dear. Even if He wasn’t crucified, this was enough crucifixion.

I began to think of all the love I’ve ever professed. I began to see how frail that love is. I knew then, that I couldn’t be any different from His early friends. I knew it then and there, I was done! I just couldn’t love Him, its beyond my strength! But then I felt His love flood my heart once again – just like it did when I first said yes to Him, reminding me of how this same love had kept me over time and that it still overflows. How can I not accept a love so sweet? How can I even give up on loving Him? I was reminded that the love that took Him to the cross has broken every barrier down. I was reminded, once again, that love is more than enough.

No amount of my love can match with His, but I can love Him with bits and bits of me until there’s nothing left of me without Him.

You can trust in this love💜👌. I totally recommend it. It has never failed me and I’m certain it’ll work same for you.

And hey!, He’s one friend who will never leave😊.

Remain Ever Blessed!

Much love😘


11 responses to “How Can I Repay?”

  1. I totally depend on your love Lord. I trust the demonstrated love.

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  2. Thank you lord for your overflowing love💃😍

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  3. I can’t match it, but i want my bits to be spent on God, not as a rite of passage (because He finalized that already), but as a demonstration of ny heart felt appreciation of His love…Lovely post, got me thinking…

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    1. Yea…

      May we never stop growing in love with Him.



  4. Grateful Dear Friend Who Journeyed To The Cross For Me..Please Teach Us How To Give Our Bits Till There’s Nothing Left of Us

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    1. Amen🙏
      Our daily prayer..



  5. Oh that we would stay true and faithful to this Love, Lord… 😩
    Grace-on sis

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    1. Thankss Dearrr!!

      Our Daily Prayer🙏


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