♦♣ Live ♣♦

Is suicide really an escape from the troubles, the expectations, the struggles, the pain, the sadness, the bitterness, the complains? Hmm.. Is it?
(Those who know this answer will never be there to prove this point anyway).

What happened to the dreams from childhood?
What happened to the goals you wrote down?

Did you come this far to only come this far?
What happened to the person you always imagined to be in the future?
Where is the “self-love” you spoke about?

(There are a lot of questions I really want to ask you, Pretty Sniper-killer girl, a whole lot!😤😢💔)

Just like cheating in exams and bypassing the queue in the bank, you want to take a short cut on life, a seemingly easy way out.

Suicide is the highest ever attained degree of cowardice!
You’re the one who has pulled through before, you’re not a coward!
Let me remind you that its an offense to take what does not belong to you – you’re also not a thief!

Life is a gift, a gift of hope.
When you’re tired of the expectations, tired of being in the fore front, tired of the pressures and you’re giving up on you, on him, on her, on hope, on everything, the least you can do is let your heart beat.

Amidst the broken pieces, just live.

The potter wants to put you back together again.

Forever you are l💜ved!

Published by Jay

Christian, lover of Jesus, music and writing. Medical student at the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Email - jeddybabybliss@gmail.com

10 thoughts on “♦♣ Live ♣♦

  1. We Live, as though as living may be…..
    We still live yet. For only the living lives this life of us.
    Self transit ain’t cool tho,

    Liked by 1 person

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