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Peace, laughter, smiles, friendship, love. Rest. Beauty in any every form. Light. Sparkles.

These are so priceless and invaluable.

Just like a bit of light can brighthen up a whole dark room, these sparkles in their different forms, no matter how little bring hope in dark situations no matter what it is, and pave way for the soul to remain lighted up through every phase life brings.

Last week, I experienced how much little light can make much difference.
Those little sparks that appear in the deep dark in various forms, mean everything at that moment because in the midst of (seeming) hopelessness, suddenly there are drops of something to hold on to.
Sometimes those sparks are all that’s needed – laughter to brighten up the day, something to make you smile even when you don’t feel like, a call from a friend, a song, a simple prayer, a picture/video of nature’s beauty in the flowers, the waves of the sea or anything refreshing.
We know them when they’re there, in any form they appear because they’re obvious, they’re light, they can’t be hidden, but they can be ignored.

Pay attention to these little sparks of light around you and allow them lighthen you up from within, allow them speak to your heart.

I say allow them because sometimes we might think we don’t need them and we can keep moving. We need these sparks, these little reminders that life is good, that we are valid and that we will move from the point we are to a better place eventually even though it might not look like it now. Allow them to bless your soul and then, receive the blessings.

The last paragraph is one I need to read out loud to myself often. You too, I guess.

I pray that you receive a signigicant gift of sparkle today and that it will give you just the right energy you need for this moment to keep your heart reminded of God’s love for you.

You shine!



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