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Reality Check!

I recall growing up with such a mindset that all “grown-ups” had it all together and knew what to do at all times.
I remember assuming that I’d just grow up as I increase in age, have everything I saw “grown-ups” have, a “perfect life” kinda imagination.

I guess now its different, with the reality that anything that has to become existent has to be by conscious desire and effort, that no one ever just jumps into becoming great or successful at anything. We’ve seen “grown-ups” with little or nothing to offer and we’ve come to know that we owe ourselves a lot of work.

We still have our dreams and aspirations, the things we so desire to become.
We still admire a lot of people who have gotten to our desired “Canaan” and of course we hope someday, maybe, just maybe we’d get there, or perhaps somewhere close.
We might have just left most of these desires in the “dreamland” while just hoping that somehow they find their way out to reality.

Here’s a quick reminder that those dreams are valid, that you were made for a purpose, that you can be the person you so desire, yes you!, that person in your “wish” is possible.
You deserve to stand out, you deserve to be fulfilled, the world deserves a taste of your awesomeness. 😊
God wants the very best for you, so don’t limit yourself. No matter how much you have attained now, there is more you can be.

We’d need to be determined to take intentional steps to seek to equip ourselves with the relevant knowledge to get those dreams started – through reading, interacting with the right media, asking questions, seeking and accepting help from the Holy Spirit (He knows all things) to be the kind of woman, man, student, parent, etc that you desire to be and that you can be proud of, not just settling with the ‘normal’.

What is that great thing you so desire to do? No matter how little or big..
Today is always perfect to take the first bold step (or to try again).
Today is always the right time to make that change.
Though we might not seem to be getting it right at once, bit by bit, as we take forward steps, we’d get there.

May we grow into people that our world within and out will be proud of and will celebrate.

See ya at the peak!💛


4 responses to “Reality Check!”

  1. Chimhurumnanya Avatar

    Great things of life aren’t just passive but an active process towards getting them done is always involved. May we never be victims of their lies, so help us God.

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  2. Amen.
    😍 If it doesn’t happen in a day it happens daily….

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    1. 😇😇😊😊😎


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