What do you Live for?

What can you die for?

For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain.

(Ref. Phil. 1:21 – Apostle Paul)

Hope found, in the midst of pain
Though this world is surely fading
My God You will remain
My greatest joy, my soul’s refrain
For me to live is Christ, and to die is only gain
For me to live is Christ, and to die is only gain!

– Verse 2 of Laura Story’s song ‘He came running’

You are ever loved💚

You Are Beautiful🌸

Everything God has made you into is part of His big plans to make you UNIQUE. Even some attributes that might come off as unpleasant, stem from an originally wonderful design.

When you let the creator take charge of you, and you begin to see through His eyes, He will make you find beauty, even in the weirdest parts of You.

You are Beautiful🌸

I repeat..

You are Beautiful!!!

How Can I Repay?

It was 5.00AM on the morning of good Friday and I had picked up my bible to have my quiet time for the day. I read about my master and his journey to the cross. I read about the wipes, the spit and the thorns. I read about the nasty comments and hate speeches. To think that this man had done nothing wrong at all. To think that he was willing to be killed by the ones He came to save. It became realer to me then, “Jesus died for me!”.

The part that finally let my tears down; he had friends, close enough to be called family. Well, they loved Him, or so they thought, maybe just not enough to stay by Him at this point. When it had seemed like He needed them the most, He was deserted by these ones. In fact, the very reason He was in this mess in the first place was a kiss from one of them who was trusted enough to have been given charge of the treasury of the group. And now all hope was lost, because even the bravest of them had finally denied ever having anything to do with Him or even knowing Him. They all left Him to His fate, running for their lives so dear. Even if He wasn’t crucified, this was enough crucifixion.

I began to think of all the love I’ve ever professed. I began to see how frail that love is. I knew then, that I couldn’t be any different from His early friends. I knew it then and there, I was done! I just couldn’t love Him, its beyond my strength! But then I felt His love flood my heart once again – just like it did when I first said yes to Him, reminding me of how this same love had kept me over time and that it still overflows. How can I not accept a love so sweet? How can I even give up on loving Him? I was reminded that the love that took Him to the cross has broken every barrier down. I was reminded, once again, that love is more than enough.

No amount of my love can match with His, but I can love Him with bits and bits of me until there’s nothing left of me without Him.

You can trust in this love💜👌. I totally recommend it. It has never failed me and I’m certain it’ll work same for you.

And hey!, He’s one friend who will never leave😊.

Remain Ever Blessed!

Much love😘

No Strength Of Mine

Recently, there was something I had been bothered about, trying to get done and praying it all works out well, of course according to God’s will.

Along the line, I started really feeling a bit exhausted, but I just kept trusting that God will make everything come through and it’ll all be fine in the end.

Well, at the end of it all, looking back from the start and how everything happened beyond my expectations, I knew it wasn’t me or because of anything I did or could even do. I knew that God had done His thing again.

I realized that we only know that He is the one when it looks like we’re weak, but He has been the one all along and we’d just be feeling our selves for when He has been the one willing and even working in us ( Phil. 2:3 ), that’s why when the physical strength is exhausted, everything doesn’t just end, because there is a bigger factor than the physical involved.

“For it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill His good purpose” Philippians 2 : 13

“Commit everything you do to the Lord, trust Him and He will help you” – Psalms 37 : 5

Stop trying alone today, commit to Him and trust!

Much Love💓

Don’t Ignore

Most times, we see everything wrong with what we have said or done, yet we have all the reasons in the world to give for it. We blame the government, the church, our next neighbours, family, friends, etc for things we can decide to do better.

Sometimes, we are even being pointed to, maybe by people around, family or friends, yet we are right; we do not want to know. And even when we feel guilty, we easily shift the responsibilities and blame to the next available “thing”.

My dad once told me when I acted in this way one day, “listen to what someone has to say, even if it doesn’t concern you after all, there will always be something to learn and perhaps you might get better for it.”. I took that lesson. Even if I think I’m right, I want to want to know what it is you have to say and what I would’ve done better…..I try to do this consciously now.

When you’re being confronted to change an attitude, mindset or a habit either by the Holy Spirit, your conscience or by people, instead of your first instinct to be shifting blames, ask yourself “What could I have done better?” “What could’ve been a better option?”.

The Holy Spirit (The Spirit of God, The Spirit of truth) is ever ready to guide us when we call on Him to and lead us into all truth. You will never be lost here.

Get uncomfortable with remaining the same today!

A positive change depends on you.

Much l💜ve 😘.

Jesus loves youuu!!!


One thing that is enough

Most times we get carried away with ourselves; work, business, school, etc that we forget that other people too are living life; Working too, getting knowledge, seeking audience, growing.

We get too carried away so we think we are the best, have the best ideas, read the best books, do the best things, we seek to be heard the most.

We get carried away so we argue, and quarrel and don’t rest until we’re heard. We fight, we cheat, we lie, we kill both body and soul. We want to be No. 1!

If we could think ourselves a little less, get a little less busy with ourselves and more busy with helping others, have a little more patience, show a little more kindness.

If we could smile a little more, get more cheerful and tone down the voices of “self”, just a little, we would have a little more love and live a little longer.

One way or the other, we all are guilty of a lil too much of “self”. Yet we were made to be a little part of each other, hence no one has it all😊

And even when nothing seems to satisfy, L💜ve is always enough.

Jesus Loves You!!!😘


Like Stars on Earth
Sprung from the creator

Uniquely patterned
Different designs

Positioned by maker
Different locations

Beautifully made
Beautifies its place

Surrounded by darkness
Cannot be hidden still

Cared for by maker
Cannot be shaken

Nourished by Him
Cannot be withered

Brightened by Him
Cannot be dimmed

Guided by His Spirit
Cannot be lost

Borne out of love
Born for love

Drawn into love
Steered by love

Like Stars on Earth⛅
We light up the World!✨

Little acts of giving.
Little shows of smiles.
Little pieces of compliments.
Little deeds of assistance.

A little less of curses.
A little more kind words.
A little less of hate.
A little more compassion.

Happy Valentine’s!💖

Go light up your world, today and always, st⭐r.

Old – fashioned…

Oh, how well I remember in the old-fashioned days,
When some old-fashioned people had some old-fashioned ways;
In the old-fashioned meetings as they tarried there,
In the old-fashioned manner, how God answered their pray’r.

‘Twas an old-fashioned meeting,
in an old-fashioned place,
Where some old-fashioned people had some old-fashioned grace:
As an old-fashioned sinner I began to pray,
And God heard me and saved me in the old-fashioned way.

There was singing, much singing, of those old-fashioned airs!
There was power, such power in those old-fashioned pray’rs,
An old-fashioned conviction made the sinner pray,
And the Lord heard and saved him in the old-fashioned way.

Well, they say it is better, “Things have changed, don’t you know”
And the people in gen’ral, seem to think it is so;
And they call me old-fashioned when I dare to say
That I like it far better in the old-fashioned way.

If the Lord never changes, as the fashions of men,
If He’s always the same, why, He is old-fashioned, then!
As an old-fashioned sinner saved thro’ old time grace,
Oh, I’m sure He will take me to an old-fashioned place.

‘Twas an old-fashioned meeting,
in an old-fashioned place,
Where some old-fashioned people had some old-fashioned grace:
As an old-fashioned sinner I began to pray,
And God heard me and saved me in the old-fashioned way.

From the hymn : The Old-fashioned meeting.


It takes more than mere knowledge or determination to face a storm and pull through.

No wonder not so long after Peter was told he was going to deny Jesus and he virtually screamed “God forbid!”, he did just that….3 times.

We would need more than our strength and abilities….

And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.

1 cor. 10:13b

When we have the master of the Storm in our boat, we are assured of a safe sail, no matter the storms or wind.

Find Jesus. Find peace.

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